6. Celebrating

Francoise Gilot’s 92nd Birthday

Yesterday I threw a little birthday party for the painter Francoise Gilot. She has been the object of my research for a few months now, since I found I book about her at the start of the summer.

francoise gilot

I decided to throw a party for her because I had been reading a lot about her recently and wanted to show her some appreciation. I got the idea from this beautiful post – Style Court

2013-11-27 09.08.20 (2) 2013-11-27 09.09.08 (2)

We had some sweeT treats including muffins with cherries to represent the cherries that Picasso introduced himself with and some dark cherry chocolate that was brought in by the lovely Mariola.

The studio was decorated with paper tassels and I displayed some of my drawings,  research and books inspired by Francoise and her painting.

   2013-11-26 16.21.41   2013-11-26 16.54.032013-11-26 16.45.57

There were also these three drawings on the wall which I traced from letters to Francoise to celebrate her Saints Day, two by Matisse from 1948 and 1949 and one from 1950 by Picasso.

2013-11-18 16.22.44 2013-11-18 16.22.49 2013-11-19 15.02.11

The Charlie Rose interview from 2010 was also playing, here is a link to it -

Charlie Rose John Richardson Francoise Gilot 

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to celebrate with me.

2013-11-26 16.45.08 (1)

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5. ‘Researching’

Patricia Esquivias


This week I started my project with the CAP,  ‘In The Lamplight’

The name refers to the American name for Show and Tell – In The Spotlight.

I have asked the students in the group to research something that they are interested in and share it with each other in a Show and Tell style.

I chose to amend the title because I liked the image of someone reading in the lamplight, some one so caught up in their interest that they haven’t noticed the room getting dark around them.

I’m really looking forwarding to seeing what everyone has chosen.

Some possible topics so far are – the work of Alan Watts, male pattern baldness, Quentin Tarantino films, colour, Black Swan theory and a study of accents.

As part of my brief introduction to the project I showed a film by Patricia Esquivias.

Here is a link to the live version of her film Going Public and something more like her previous style The Future Was When



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4. Making

Little assemblages made by me

A few weeks ago I joined Alan and CAP1 as they undertook their introduction to sculpture at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Over the course of a week the students were introduced to a number of different processes and techniques to help develop their 3D work. I was so impressed by the way everyone through themselves into the work and and enjoyed being in a new a studio space.

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

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3. Recording and listening

 20131111_115921 20131111_11592420131111_115932-584429711 IMG_20131111_094258

Some photographs from my studio this week. Some collages, drawings, collections and books.

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and talks recently, if you’re looking to distract yourself while making work I recommend these.

The Perfect Yellow

Tavi Gevinson – Ideas At The House

The Reith Lectures – Grayson Perry

Richard Tuttle on Agnes Martin

This last one is my favourite but quite hard-going to listen to

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2. Making – costumes and patterns

img-francois-gilot_115827344183.jpg_article_singleimage Berlin, Mary Wigman-Studio 2013-09-02 14.10.34 2013-09-24 14.33.20(1) 4 current burrowes skirt 2

Over the last few months I have begun exploring using costumes as I way to imagine being a character in a story. In the photograph above I have made a full circle skirt like those in the pictures of the Mary Wigmans dancers, who I had been reading about. I put on the outfit, pretended to be one of them and when I felt comfortable, asked someone to take a photograph of me in it.

I have found this wonderful recent photograph of Francoise Gilot in her home and would love to recreate it, the images above are the beginning of a fabric pattern.

Images not mine are from here


and here


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1. Reading


Thank you to everyone who came to my talk last week and to all of you have come to visit me in my studio, you’ve all been so welcoming and I really appreciate it!

I thought I’d start by telling you about what I’m reading at the moment.


A Choreographers Handbook by Jonathan Burrows

I came across this book because I’ve been researching dancers and found these pieces by Burrows and his collaborators. They are long pieces that playing with your attention span so its well worth sticking with them.


Stop Quartet

The Quiet Dance

I don’t know an awful lot about dance but I’m very interested in learning about its language.

In this book Burrows talks about the putting together of a dance, where it comes from, what the material of the dance is, and whether an audience should be interested. Its very easy to see parallels to what we do and how we approach the making of an art work but also fascinating to have an insight into the different parameters set on dance.

I have the book out from the college library at the moment but I’ll be returning it this week so it will be there to have a look at.

Oh are here are a few links for me –

I use each of these for a different purpose





A place to keep my images and links


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AIRetc… welcomes Hayley Mathers

20131008-224339.jpg 20131008-224349.jpg

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Hayley Mathers to the Art dept of Edinburgh College, Granton Campus, as the 1st of our 2 Artists In Residence for the 2013-14 academic session.

Just like all AIRetc… participants Hayley is a former student of the Art dept who joined the HND Contemporary Art (Formally Public Art) course straight from school in 2005 and graduated with merit in2007 before gaining direct entry to the 2nd year of the Time Based Art & Digital Film Course at Dundee University. After a year on the course Hayley transferred to the Fine Art course where she was able to fully explore her concerns through drawing and sculptural practice.

After graduating in 2010 with 1st Class Honours Hayley was awarded the Graduate Studio Residency at SWG3 in Glasgow and was a committee member and latterly Chairperson and Treasurer of the highly regarded artist run space Generator Projects in Dundee.

Hayley has already settled in to the AIRetc… studio and is working on a new body of work which we look forward to seeing and hearing about right here on the AIRetc… blog which she will begin posting on very soon! So please check in regularly, follow or subscribe to our blog to make sure you keep up to date with Hayley’s time with us!


Hayley Mathers discussing her work with CAP1 & 2 students

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