8. Making notes on our combined interests

In the order they were shared on the morning of the 6th of December 2013


John F Kennedy – Jacqueline Kennedy – Aristotle Onassis – Maria Callas

Five years after the assassination of John F Kennedy, his widow Jacqueline married the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who  had been in a relationship with the opera singer Maria Callas. Despite his marriage to Jacqueline, Aristotle and Maria continued to see each other for the rest of their lives.


Images of how Aristotle and Jacquelines marriage was reported

Maria talks about her relationship with Aristotle and Jaqueline.


Physics, Einstein and Field Equations.

An attempt to understand the equations formulated by Einstein and his peers to explain the world.


Diagrams drawn while listening to lectures and watching documentaries

Linking to Rebecca’s interest in the cross over and relationship between biology and art.


Discovering the work of c-lab, specifically the Rose for Mars and the Cactus Project.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 00.06.12

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 00.01.06

The artist involved in these projects exhibited in Edinburgh’s Inspace in 2012 on this project Nanomagnetic Plants

Josh then introduced us to his project on male pattern baldness, an interest of his which is driven by a fear of losing his own hair.

We were shown this video as an example of the lengths that some will go to, and the delusion which results


male pattern baldness

Josh also demonstrated his impressive ability to recall the heights of male celebrities.

Jen told us about 3D printing and the possibilities of its use.

We spoke about this article on printing dangerous objects and this article on the growing availability of 3D printing facilities. This led us on to talking about replicas and originals.

3D models of Oliver Wainwright and Sophie Heawood

Shareen told us about the artist Gregor Schneider, his projects often involve rooms and empty spaces. In 1985 he made Haus u r, where he built new rooms inside the existing rooms to conceal the structure of the building and interrupt the visitor’s awareness of their surroundings. Over the years visitors have had ‘frightening experiences’ inside the house.

Photo 1: HAUS U R, Rheydt 1985 - 2007

This reminded me of a tunnel I had heard about that runs between the St Andrews Square branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland and The Dome which was once a bank, this is apparently where the bank kept their collection of artworks. When the second bank was bought over and became a bar the tunnel was closed off.

Sobia showed us a timeline that she had made to show the life Malcolm X. Each part of his life contradicted what came before it and spurred a transformation in him and those who followed him.

2013-12-09 12.01.472013-12-09 12.01.51

Malcolm X’s is a complex story that defies a simplistic narrative, we talked about the way stories like these are represented.

Kaitlyn introduced us to the Panharmonicon, a magnificent music box/instrument which could be pre-programmed to play a piece of music. Johann Nepomuk Mälzel created the instrument in 1805 and asked Beethoven to compose a piece for it. This collaboration supposedly started an argument as Beethoven mistakenly believed that Mälzel was planning to sell his instrument along with the music. Beethoven chased him around Europe and threatened to sue his former friend. Mälzel later claimed that he had never had any intention of selling it.



The way the Panharmonicon worked reminded us of this Fischili and Weiss video


Fischili and Weiss

And finally Andrea - who had been exploring ideas and research about memory based on an article she had found in New Scientist.

She told us about the subjectivity of your memories and the way that they change as you learn.

We touched upon Derren Browns trickery and made reference to the Black Swan dinner which had recently taken place at Rhubaba

After the meeting, Mariola - handed me a collection of note cards with quotes by the British philosopher Alan Watts. Here is my favourite of the quotes.


‘You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean’

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the project and hope that you will find this helpful in the future in whatever form is most interesting to you. I have certainly enjoyed this insight into your interests and look forward to referring back to this in the months to come.


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7. Preparing (Hi Research Group)

hist_us_21_20_kennedys_pic_j_p_kennedy_senior_familyHi Research Group,

Just a little catch up before our final meeting on Monday.

I’ve heard you really enjoyed your visit from Catherine Payton this week, I was sad to miss it but I’m looking forward to hearing all about it from you.

Our final meeting will be a short one, from 10 – 12.30, in the library. If you would like to use the projector to share your research, could you please put your links on your tumblr etc. as I have been booked into the computer in the room.

We will have around ten minutes each to share what we have been looking at and discuss it but this will be very informal.

I think that in sharing our research we will find out a lot about our interests and how we could use what we’ve learnt.

As an example I’m going to show you a couple of clips of films about JFK and the Kennedy family, show you some images and tell you about the things I learnt in the last week.

Good luck with your hand in CAP1

See you Monday!


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6. Celebrating

Francoise Gilot’s 92nd Birthday

Yesterday I threw a little birthday party for the painter Francoise Gilot. She has been the object of my research for a few months now, since I found I book about her at the start of the summer.

francoise gilot

I decided to throw a party for her because I had been reading a lot about her recently and wanted to show her some appreciation. I got the idea from this beautiful post – Style Court

2013-11-27 09.08.20 (2) 2013-11-27 09.09.08 (2)

We had some sweeT treats including muffins with cherries to represent the cherries that Picasso introduced himself with and some dark cherry chocolate that was brought in by the lovely Mariola.

The studio was decorated with paper tassels and I displayed some of my drawings,  research and books inspired by Francoise and her painting.

   2013-11-26 16.21.41   2013-11-26 16.54.032013-11-26 16.45.57

There were also these three drawings on the wall which I traced from letters to Francoise to celebrate her Saints Day, two by Matisse from 1948 and 1949 and one from 1950 by Picasso.

2013-11-18 16.22.44 2013-11-18 16.22.49 2013-11-19 15.02.11

The Charlie Rose interview from 2010 was also playing, here is a link to it -

Charlie Rose John Richardson Francoise Gilot 

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to celebrate with me.

2013-11-26 16.45.08 (1)

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5. ‘Researching’

Patricia Esquivias


This week I started my project with the CAP,  ‘In The Lamplight’

The name refers to the American name for Show and Tell – In The Spotlight.

I have asked the students in the group to research something that they are interested in and share it with each other in a Show and Tell style.

I chose to amend the title because I liked the image of someone reading in the lamplight, some one so caught up in their interest that they haven’t noticed the room getting dark around them.

I’m really looking forwarding to seeing what everyone has chosen.

Some possible topics so far are – the work of Alan Watts, male pattern baldness, Quentin Tarantino films, colour, Black Swan theory and a study of accents.

As part of my brief introduction to the project I showed a film by Patricia Esquivias.

Here is a link to the live version of her film Going Public and something more like her previous style The Future Was When



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4. Making

Little assemblages made by me

A few weeks ago I joined Alan and CAP1 as they undertook their introduction to sculpture at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Over the course of a week the students were introduced to a number of different processes and techniques to help develop their 3D work. I was so impressed by the way everyone through themselves into the work and and enjoyed being in a new a studio space.

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

Some menacing looking tools for carving into clay

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3. Recording and listening

 20131111_115921 20131111_11592420131111_115932-584429711 IMG_20131111_094258

Some photographs from my studio this week. Some collages, drawings, collections and books.

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and talks recently, if you’re looking to distract yourself while making work I recommend these.

The Perfect Yellow

Tavi Gevinson – Ideas At The House

The Reith Lectures – Grayson Perry

Richard Tuttle on Agnes Martin

This last one is my favourite but quite hard-going to listen to

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2. Making – costumes and patterns

img-francois-gilot_115827344183.jpg_article_singleimage Berlin, Mary Wigman-Studio 2013-09-02 14.10.34 2013-09-24 14.33.20(1) 4 current burrowes skirt 2

Over the last few months I have begun exploring using costumes as I way to imagine being a character in a story. In the photograph above I have made a full circle skirt like those in the pictures of the Mary Wigmans dancers, who I had been reading about. I put on the outfit, pretended to be one of them and when I felt comfortable, asked someone to take a photograph of me in it.

I have found this wonderful recent photograph of Francoise Gilot in her home and would love to recreate it, the images above are the beginning of a fabric pattern.

Images not mine are from here


and here


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