Here today and back tomorrow…..

A fond farewelcome.

It is never easy saying goodbye and here at AIRetc… we find it particularly difficult to cut the ties with the wonderful artists who occupy our studio and do fantastic work with our colleagues and students. It is so difficult in fact that we just can’t cut the ties that bind, not permanently at least.

Since the AIRetc… project began all the participants have come back to work with us in some capacity or another, including classroom support to assist in their own research and providing technical support during exhibition installs. This time however our 2 most recent AIR artists, Gregor Morrison, whose last day as AIR resident was just 2 days ago and Natalie Wilson (Feb12 – June 12) will be joining the Art & Design delivery team to provide essential cover.

It is indicative of the quality of AIRetc… participants and the experience they bring and develop that when the department needed cover we have been able to turn to Gregor and Natalie who will be working with student groups from across the various Btec Art & Design courses.

Although Gregor will be with us for a short while longer it is in a new capacity his time as Artist in Residence is over and we therefore wish to express our gratitude to him for the time he spent as Telford Colleges last and Edinburgh Colleges first ever AIR. As you can see from the posts below Gregor has used his time with us to develop and produce a new body of work. We hope to announce news of an exhibition of the new work very soon. Gregor has also been instrumental in the successful setting up of the colleges new Art & Design print resource.

So, thank you Gregor and see you tomorrow!

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