Catch Up…

So, as I’m sure will come as no surprise to anyone at all familiar with me, my ‘Blog Post A Week’ has fallen behind somewhat.

In my defence however, it’s because I’ve been enjoying the actual residency so much. Anyway I’m gonna treat this as a wee catch up post, so I’ll be jumping about a little bit…


So firstly I’d like to acknowledge how involved I’ve been allowed to be during my time here at Edinburgh College. Before I started, my intention, if I’m being completely honest, was to be in the studio as much as humanly possible, and whilst I’ve definitely been able to do that, I’ve found myself far more interested in the other aspects of the residency than I expected to be.

I’ve been given the chance to sit in on the group crits, which I spoke about in my previous post, which is still something I’m finding immensely rewarding. Having only been out of Art College for two years, it’s really exciting to be involved in the process from a slightly different perspective than I’m used to.

It will also be really exciting to go to the assorted degree shows in three years time and see how this years HND 2’s practice has evolved. I obviously have very little basis of comparison, but it appears to be a really strong year so it’ll be nice to see how the work develop.


Also in the past two weeks, I’ve given a few talks, both to the BTEC crowd as well as the HND students, and would like to thank the students who came along for making it not only an enjoyable experience, but also for the questions that were asked. I was genuinely impressed by the level of engagement from everyone who came along.

Also special thanks to the staff, Collette and Neil Russell on BTEC, and Alan and Jennie on HND, who despite having known me for almost 8 years, made me feel suitably special on both occasions.

I’m acutely aware that this is all starting to sound like one of those awful fluff interviews that an ensemble cast does before a movie comes out where they harp on about how ‘special an experience it was’ and how ‘they had such fun it felt like a big family’, but it’s honestly been an incredibly enjoyable and use full residency so far.

The talks only served to highlight that. Whilst they are obviously for the students benefit, I feel I probably got as much, if not more from them. Both were given in the middle of ‘Application Season’, so it was really nice to sit down in front of a group of people and go over my practice in a more or less chronological order and see the varying degrees of development.


I’m going to round up for now as I wouldn’t expect anyone to read any more of my havering in one sitting. However in border to make up for my terrible Blogging attendance recently, I plan on doing another tomorrow, and a third on Bank Holiday Monday. Tomorrows will be on the work I’m producing for the residency and where it’s going, and Mondays will be mainly on the project I’m doing with the HND students.


See you all again tomorrow.

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