1. Reading


Thank you to everyone who came to my talk last week and to all of you have come to visit me in my studio, you’ve all been so welcoming and I really appreciate it!

I thought I’d start by telling you about what I’m reading at the moment.


A Choreographers Handbook by Jonathan Burrows

I came across this book because I’ve been researching dancers and found these pieces by Burrows and his collaborators. They are long pieces that playing with your attention span so its well worth sticking with them.


Stop Quartet

The Quiet Dance

I don’t know an awful lot about dance but I’m very interested in learning about its language.

In this book Burrows talks about the putting together of a dance, where it comes from, what the material of the dance is, and whether an audience should be interested. Its very easy to see parallels to what we do and how we approach the making of an art work but also fascinating to have an insight into the different parameters set on dance.

I have the book out from the college library at the moment but I’ll be returning it this week so it will be there to have a look at.

Oh are here are a few links for me –

I use each of these for a different purpose





A place to keep my images and links


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