2. Making – costumes and patterns

img-francois-gilot_115827344183.jpg_article_singleimage Berlin, Mary Wigman-Studio 2013-09-02 14.10.34 2013-09-24 14.33.20(1) 4 current burrowes skirt 2

Over the last few months I have begun exploring using costumes as I way to imagine being a character in a story. In the photograph above I have made a full circle skirt like those in the pictures of the Mary Wigmans dancers, who I had been reading about. I put on the outfit, pretended to be one of them and when I felt comfortable, asked someone to take a photograph of me in it.

I have found this wonderful recent photograph of Francoise Gilot in her home and would love to recreate it, the images above are the beginning of a fabric pattern.

Images not mine are from here


and here


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