5. ‘Researching’

Patricia Esquivias


This week I started my project with the CAP,  ‘In The Lamplight’

The name refers to the American name for Show and Tell – In The Spotlight.

I have asked the students in the group to research something that they are interested in and share it with each other in a Show and Tell style.

I chose to amend the title because I liked the image of someone reading in the lamplight, some one so caught up in their interest that they haven’t noticed the room getting dark around them.

I’m really looking forwarding to seeing what everyone has chosen.

Some possible topics so far are – the work of Alan Watts, male pattern baldness, Quentin Tarantino films, colour, Black Swan theory and a study of accents.

As part of my brief introduction to the project I showed a film by Patricia Esquivias.

Here is a link to the live version of her film Going Public and something more like her previous style The Future Was When



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