7. Preparing (Hi Research Group)

hist_us_21_20_kennedys_pic_j_p_kennedy_senior_familyHi Research Group,

Just a little catch up before our final meeting on Monday.

I’ve heard you really enjoyed your visit from Catherine Payton this week, I was sad to miss it but I’m looking forward to hearing all about it from you.

Our final meeting will be a short one, from 10 – 12.30, in the library. If you would like to use the projector to share your research, could you please put your links on your tumblr etc. as I have been booked into the computer in the room.

We will have around ten minutes each to share what we have been looking at and discuss it but this will be very informal.

I think that in sharing our research we will find out a lot about our interests and how we could use what we’ve learnt.

As an example I’m going to show you a couple of clips of films about JFK and the Kennedy family, show you some images and tell you about the things I learnt in the last week.

Good luck with your hand in CAP1

See you Monday!


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