The site, the self and the studio.

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‘Dwelling-voyage implies a series of interactions…. At home, one may indeed travel. Home itself is made up of layers and passages that are voyages of habitation. It is not a static notion but a site of transito. More than simply a point of departure and return, it is a site of continual transformation.’

(Giuliana Bruno, Atlas of Emotion, Verso 2002 p103)

I’m at that lovely point in my work where my ideas, and the things I have been making over the past few months are finally beginning to make sense in relation to one another.

The small plasticine sculptures which were made at home just before the residency began, in an organic and intuitive process, have evolved over the past months and become part of a larger installation. I have been thinking a lot about the relationships between soft, feminine forms, and geometric man made structures and how this duality correlates with the concepts of home and voyage. Both aspects of the work; the train tracks and the plasticine sculptures have become static. I wanted to capture the sense of movement and activity within the work, by allowing the viewer to go on a visual journey; to be pulled into the imagery and the activity which created it.

More updates of work in progress to follow soon!


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