Collaborative Project

Collaborative practice is something that I have become increasingly interested in over this past year. From my own collaborative practice to other artists working in this manner. For my one week project with both HND 1 and 2 students I was intrigued to see how the students would respond to working in a collaborative partnership.

The week was started with a talk on collaborative practice, looking at artists such as General Idea, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan and Poster Club.

General Idea, Ontario, Canada, 2011, Dossier@-6  4354


17_DCA 3  17_PC at DCA

On the second day the students and I went to The Scottish National Portrait Gallery to see the new exhibition ‘Ponte City’. Annie Lyden senior curator for photography took us on a guided tour of the exhibition which was a great way for getting a real insight into the work and the collaborative practice between the artists Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse.

download (2) 4943-07_V3_Adobe_Final download (1) download (3)

It’s a great exhibition and on till 26th April 2015. Go see it!

From here the students were split in to pairs and given an artistic figure to begin research on and make work in response to. On the final day of the project the students, Colette and I spent the morning discussing the different ways they had responded to the brief.

Jek and Ray looked at the life and work of Kurt Schwitters. They were both drawn to his use of collage and this was their starting point for making visual responses. It was great to see both Jek and Ray responding immediately and making work in such a short space of time.

DSCF8609 DSCF8614


Rachel and Jake’s research began with John Cage. Their research brought them to Cage’s ‘4’33’ and ‘Water Walk’. From here they began to experiment with sound through the use of objects that were around them at the time of recording. Both are musicians which I wasn’t aware of until the end of the week and I think this is a project that connected well with them.

Szabolcs and Jek discussed their recent project that has been inspired by Brutalist architecture from around Edinburgh. Through their photography and a few glitches on Szabolcs computer they have created a range of prints. These images have been transferred onto canvas bags and t-shirts. They had various examples of the prints and bags and their excitement for the project was infectious.


Bags are only £3 and I will certainly be buying one or two.

My aim for this project was to see how others found collaborative practice. It has been a way of working that I have gained a lot from and I was interested to see how others would respond to the practice. Be it through their way of working with one another to the work they made. Through the discussions with the students and the work on show I have really enjoyed the process and I hope its something that the students have gained something from.

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