Into my second month here at Edinburgh College as Artist in Residence and I’m feeling pretty settled in. All the staff and students have been very welcoming and I’ve had the chance to sit in on two group crits with the 1st and 2nd year students. It’s been great to see the diverse range of projects the students have been working on, from creating new planets with all their inhabitants to drawing projects with some of the students looking into the likes of form and anti-drawing.

A couple of weeks ago the 2nd year students were working at The Bothy Project at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The various briefs they worked on through the week culminated in a day of performances within the Generation exhibition and hourly changing installations within the bothy. The work on show was engaging, playful, beautiful and everything you would hope to see from a group of students learning and challenging themselves on what it is to make art.

Looking forward to the months ahead!

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AIRetc…. welcomes Julie Duffy


Julie Duffy: Coral Canyon

Julie Duffy & Hayley Mathers: A Birthday Party for Lee Miller

Julie Duffy & Hayley Mathers: A Birthday Party for Lee Miller

The AIRetc…. Contemporary Art Team are delighted to welcome our new Artist In Residence, Julie Duffy. Julie, who graduated from the HND at at the former Telford College in 2008 went on to gain a 1st class BA Hons Degree in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (DJCAD), is our eighth resident in the AIR studio.

Since graduating from DJCAD in 2011 Julie has developed new work and has exhibited regularly throughout Edinburgh including solo exhibitions at Summerhall and group shows at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. As well as developing her solo practice in sculpture Julie has more recently been developing collaborative practices with Hayley Mathers who as well as being a former AIRetc…. is also a graduate from DJCAD.

Julie is also an active member and former studio holder at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop where she has developed a curatorial role as a member of the 2 person TANK committee which is responsible for the programming of the TANK project and exhibition space at ESW.

Julie has already made a fantastic contribution to the HND CAP course by getting involved with studio / project crits and we are all really looking forward to the working closely with her over the next few months.

Julie will be blogging throughout her time with us and as always you can follow her progress right here. In the meantime you can find pout more about Julie and her practice by visiting her website:

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Farewell to Lauren McLaughlin


Lauren installing work at Creative Exchange

Installation view Lauren installing work at Creative Exchange


Well its that time of year again as we say our fond farewells to our previous AIRetc and welcome in the new. Our heartfelt thanks go out Lauren McLaughlin who we would like to thank for her wonderful contribution to the course over the course of the 5 months she was with us. Lauren’s contribution to crits and discussions was invaluable as were her talks to countless students. The fantastic collage workshops she led had a significant and lasting impact on the group she worked with and her exhibition at Creative Exchange was excellent!

Thank you Lauren! We all wish you the very best for the future!


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Site-Seeing Exhibition

A few images from ‘Site-Seeing’ which opened at Edinburgh Creative Exchange, 29 Constitution Street on Friday. The exhibition runs Mon-Sat 7am-7pm until 28th June, so still plenty time to go see it if you missed the opening.

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Call for Applications 2014-15 AIRetc…

The Art Team at Edinburgh College Granton are delighted to announce our call for applications for our 2014-15 Artist in Residence (AIRetc) programme.

We are looking for 2 visual artists to contribute to one of the countries most successful and dynamic Art Department.

Now in its 4th year the Artist in Residence programme (AIRetc…) is an innovative scheme which provides recently graduated / professional artist who have previously studied one of our Art courses at Edinburgh College Granton (formerly Edinburgh’s Telford College) with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience in Art education while developing their creative practice in a dedicated studio space.

If you would like to be considered for the residencies please download the information below and the application form.






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The site, the self and the studio.

20140530_124635 20140530_124721




‘Dwelling-voyage implies a series of interactions…. At home, one may indeed travel. Home itself is made up of layers and passages that are voyages of habitation. It is not a static notion but a site of transito. More than simply a point of departure and return, it is a site of continual transformation.’

(Giuliana Bruno, Atlas of Emotion, Verso 2002 p103)

I’m at that lovely point in my work where my ideas, and the things I have been making over the past few months are finally beginning to make sense in relation to one another.

The small plasticine sculptures which were made at home just before the residency began, in an organic and intuitive process, have evolved over the past months and become part of a larger installation. I have been thinking a lot about the relationships between soft, feminine forms, and geometric man made structures and how this duality correlates with the concepts of home and voyage. Both aspects of the work; the train tracks and the plasticine sculptures have become static. I wanted to capture the sense of movement and activity within the work, by allowing the viewer to go on a visual journey; to be pulled into the imagery and the activity which created it.

More updates of work in progress to follow soon!


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Collage Crits!

So to mark the end of our collage workshops we spent the afternoon looking at all the work each student produced for the brief I set last week. As I had hoped, there was an excellent variety of outcomes and each person had incorporated a different technique in response to the three original images, resulting in some really strong collages from everyone involved! It was great to see how the project has influenced their own projects and practice, with a couple of students incorporating collage into their final pieces.

It was a really great experience running this workshop and I was really pleased to see so much enthusiasm from everyone who got involved, and to see how the discussions we had around contemporary collage filtered into their work.

The Brief: Create an original collage/series of collages from these three images. You can manipulate the images in any way you like and use hand cut and paste and/or digital techniques.

IMG_0607Ray Harris:

As well as creating a collage from the images provided in the brief, Ray also incorporated collage techniques into his own project, inspired by Abstract Expressionism, he deconstructed his own paintings to create interesting new compositions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rebecca Bisset:

Rebecca incorporated images from google, searching for the things which first popped into her mind to create a surreal composition using the space around her images to create the feeling of floating through air.

IMG_0645Andrea Bolton:

Restricting herself to black and white photocopies, Andrea chose to obscure and distort the original images with the application of white paint, giving a sense of erosion or decay. She plans to incorporate some of these techniques and ideas with her own photographs for her next project.

IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641Calvin Green:

Calvin used digital manipulation on photoshop to experiment with the original images. He went on to create a number of digital works incorporating images found online as well as the three for the brief. Interested in nature and the human form, he created a series of collages which had both aspects of the surreal, the real and the computer generated.

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Rebecca Cairns:

Rebecca created a cut and paste collage on paper by selecting and duplicating a few elements from the three images and placing them together to create a new composition. Focusing on the lines and contours within the images, she used the negative space of the white paper as an important element of the work.


Georgia Thornton:

Experimenting with both digital and manual techniques, Georgia created a number of works by manipulating the original materials. She experimented with digital distortion, changing the scale of the image, obscuring and pixelating elements of the image. She also cut out aspects of the three images to manually create a collage, then created another from the leftover parts of the image, repeating the process until she had used up every part of the three original images.

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Christian Robb:

Christian chose to work with the images digitally, focusing on the small area of text found in one of the original images, he manipulated this text to read as something entirely different which formed an important aspect of the work.

IMG_0634 IMG_0635

Thanks again to all the students for their attendance and enthusiasm and you have all produced some really strong, interesting and exciting collages!

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